In 2022 Niall will be hosting a series of  workshops and courses, guiding garden enthusiasts of all ability in unearthing their own authentic design voice and innate creative gardening talents.

weekend workshops




Saturday 23rd April - Sunday 24th April 2022

Workshop runs from

10.30am to 4pm Sat 23rd April 2022


10.30 am to 2.30 pm Sun 24thth April 2022 

Cost €350


Designed for the weekend project warrior in you, this workshop will  take you on a journey from conceptualizing your design to the tools and skills of creating your own dream garden.

Delving into the deep, rich history of gardens, design and art, Niall extracts and shares the nuggets of knowledge and influences that have formed his unique approach, style and ethos.

Over the two days Niall aims to enthuse and inspire in you, the sort of action that has earned him multiple Bloom Gold medals and Best in Shows and also impart over 25 years of hands on experience designing and creating gardens of all shapes, types and sizes.

This is a practical hands on and theory based workshop designed to instill the creative courage to get you designing and creating your own garden with the confidence of a seasoned gardener. If this sounds like something for you or someone you know, hit the button below.



Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd April 2022

Workshop runs from

10.30am to 4pm Sat 3rd April 2022


10.30 am to 2.30 pm Sun 4th April 2022 

Cost €350


A fun, inspiring and knowledge packed weekend of pure planting joy, digging deep, literally and figuratively into the fundamentals of creating beautiful, robust and sustainable planting schemes.

This weekend workshop covers everything from what the differences are between an annual and a perennial, a tree and a shrub, to unearthing your own unique and authentic planting style.

We will look at planting styles down through the ages and back up to current trends including environmental concerns around provenance and sustainability along with Nialls own award winning brand and ethos of naturalistic planting.

Niall will also guide you on where to source specific plants for your planting project and how to efficiently implement your planting schemes, taking into consideration such things as your soil type, light levels and other climatic conditions and also instillling the courage and conviction  for you to get digging with confidence.