While the design process for each project follows a similar path each garden is as unique as its owner and the way I design reflects that.

I usually start with a phone call, backed up with some images of your garden supplied by you via email or whatsapp. If we both think we are a good fit for the project we can schedule in an on site consultation. This normally takes about 2-3 hours. I do charge a small fee for the initial consultion.

This is invaluable time for me to get a sense of the space and you as the user of the garden. I will offer some insights, advise and a few concept sketches either on the day or by email a few days later.

From there we can begin to build a brief and set price guidlines around the overall project and associated design costs.

At this point there are a few different options as to how to execute your project.

I do not undertake any of the construction work but I can oversee the works as it pogresses.

I build plant collections for each project and I personally oversee the laying out of plants.

While some illustrative and technical drawings are outsourced I do much of my own concept handdrawings and 3D models.

I am personally involved with every aspect of the design process and prefer to work in close collobaration with you the client and the various trades people involved with the execution of the project to ensure the vision for your garden is achieved.


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