Nature is our greatest luxury

I have always strived to create spaces imbued with a sense of nature. I am not a scientist and I don't really espouse an environmental agenda but I have always had a deep appreciation for the natural world and its inherent beauty. It is this sense or feeling of nature that underscores my design ethos and what keeps me interested in a game, which like most others, is driven by trends and newness. Nature does not care for trends and neither do I. To sit in a space that awakens every sense and touches something ancient in ones being while still rooting one in the present moment is what keeps it real for me. To be a good garden designer, in my estimation, is to be able to create spaces that resonate emotionally and for however briefly, lift one from the practicalities of ones daily world, into one all of its own. Somewhere magical and profound. Nature provides these spaces at will. I have felt it in the winter snow at the summit of Lugnaquilla Mountain, or on a summers evening staring out across the expanse of estuary towards the marina in Malahide from the secluded stoney beach on the Corballis side, or standing with my face skyways, at a beam of sunlight piercing through the canopy of a dense and spooky woods with the rattle of a distant stream vibing in my ear. These places don't inspire me, they do something else, something far more obtrusive and demanding. They plant a seed of longing in my soul that grows slowly with unyielding steadiness, compelling action from me. This is why I tend to pay little heed of trends, they distract and serve little purpose in what I feel compelled to design and create. This is the underscoring I spoke of earlier, it is what I feel compelled to assilimate in my work. Trends and newness are things, for sure, but from where I stand, Nature is our greatest luxury.

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